Hunting for a Good Breakfast at the Snooty Fox

October 28, 2022 – 05:40 am

Snooty Fox

23028 Lake Forest Dr.

Laguna Hills, CA 92653

I love a good breakfast, but finding one can be pretty tough. Breakfast items are pretty standard fair, but lots can go wrong when visiting restaurants for the first meal of the day. Breakfast meals seem so simple, but just having something a little off can throw everything into a tailspin that a place can not recover from. Another factor that can create problems for restaurants that serve breakfasts is the ability to make a breakfast that will standout. A lot of places all taste the same. Let's hope this is not the case at the Snooty Fox.

The Snooty Fox is a popular breakfast place, just outside the walls of Laguna Woods, (or what it was called back in the day, Leisure World). It appears that this thirty table eatery is family run, and caters to many regulars. As you would expect, they serve an older crowd here. The Sunday we were here there was about a five minute wait at nine o'clock. Let's see what they whipped up for us.

Katie went with an Egg and Ham Sandwich here. She really liked the thick piece of ham on this sandwich, but felt that this sandwich was too dry. A side of mayo or gravy may have helped erase this problem. She also opted for the, "Those Potatoes", which are hash browns with onions and peppers added. She summed up this plate, as being okay, not anything she would get again.
My breakfast option at Snooty Fox was the Chili Cheese Omelet. The chili here was a cross between Tommy's and Weinersnitchel. Not very spicy, but a really smooth chili. The flavor of the omelet was good, but the egg got lost here. I also had, "Those Potatoes", and felt that they were very bland. They were only decent when I mixed them with the chili.
Katie and I also shared some Pancakes. These cakes were lighter than most, but also were lacking in flavor. My real beef with these pancakes was the tiny amount of syrup that was served with these. I am not just picking on Snooty Fox, because lots of other restaurants do the same thing. If you only used the syrup that was given to you for these three pancakes, they would be extremely dry. I admit I like more syrup than the average person, but they have to get asked for more syrup all the time. Sorry to go off, but this is just a sticking point for me, (okay, sorry for the bad pun).
Lastly, we also had a biscuit here. Sorry I did not get a picture of it before Katie ripped it in half. Man, you would think she would know the rules by now, right? Anyways, this biscuit was pretty good. Light and fluffy, with a good buttermilk flavor. I would have liked to have gotten this with their gravy, because I have heard it is really good, but that will have to wait until next time.

Snooty Fox is a fair breakfast spot. None of the items we had blew us away, but they would also not keep us from coming back either. I had heard that the service can be a little gruff here, but we did not experience that. The vibe here is casual, but like many breakfast spots, hurried. We will not be in rush to come back to the Fox, but will definitely give it another chance in the future.

Out of five Megan's, (because I imagine Megan Fox to be the snootiest Fox, out of them all), five being best to zero being worst, The Snooty Fox gets 2.5 Megan's.

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