What is in the traditional English breakfast?

June 17, 2022 – 01:33 pm

English Breakfast at berlitz ManchesterOne of the joys of living in England, while you improve your English, is trying the local food and that is why today we are talking about one of the most popular dishes for foreign and Britain people: the traditional Full English Breakfast.

Many people think it is eaten every single day; however, the English breakfast is saved for weekends or special occasions.

This first meal of the day is full of different food types; bacon, eggs, sausages and baked beans. There are many choices of accompaniments, so what is on the plate will depend on your preferences.

You will be able to choose from the following:

  • Eggs: Fried eggs, scrambled eggs or poached eggs.
  • Fried Bread or toasts
  • Grilled tomato
  • Hash browns, which are made of boiled potatoes that have been cut up (shredded, diced, or riced), mixed with chopped onions and fried until brown.
  • Black pudding
  • Fried Mushrooms

Interesting fact
The origins of the English breakfast are unclear and believed to originate in the rural England as a sustaining meal to carry workers through a long morning.

Source: www.berlitzmanchester.com

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