The Best Breakfast Foods, In Order

May 15, 2022 – 10:25 am

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We know we're not alone when we say that breakfast is the only reason we get out of bed in the morning. With all the and fried eggs, how could we possibly sleep through this meal? It is clearly the best meal of the day, and not because it's the best for us. Just because it's got the best options.

While lunch has sandwiches and dinner has mac and cheese, all we really want all day is breakfast. And not just any breakfast, but the best. Just like with, breakfast has some dishes that are so much better than others. And some that shouldn't even dare make an appearance at this meal. Behold, the best and worst breakfast dishes, in order (first being the best).

breakfastDisclaimer: This list is the creation of one sole author, and does not represent how the entire world should feel, nor even how the entire Taste team feels. Now go at it and enjoy your bickering, folks.

25.) Oatmeal

24.) Stuffed French Toast

23.) Omelets

22.) Hashbrowns

21.) English Muffins

20.) Steak and Eggs

breakfast19.) Cereal

18.) Yogurt with Fruit

17.) Scrambled Eggs

16.) Muffins

15.) Croissants

14.) Huevos Rancheros

13.) Waffles

12.) Buttered Toast

11.) Breakfast Burrito

10.) French Toast

09.) Bacon
(Some of you may have a problem with bacon's ranking. All we can say is bacon has gone too far.)

08.) Pancakes

07.) Bagel and Cream Cheese

breakfast breakfast breakfast breakfast


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