Vancouver's Best Morning-After Breakfast Hangouts

September 7, 2022 – 05:26 am

49_Parallel_Luckys_040A hearty plate of food is what you need most after a big night out – but the last thing you’ll want to do is be the one who makes it. Here are some of our favourite weekend breakfast spots in Vancouver for easy feasting and chilling out.

49th Parallel, 13th & Main

Serving up arguably the city’s best coffee and artisan doughnuts that really hit the spot if you’re craving something sweet. Weekend mornings here have a relaxed vibe and the baristas are happy if you hang out all day nursing the same cappuccino. There’s plenty of long bench seating for large groups, but steal the comfy corner with sofas and dim lighting if you can.


The Charles Bar, 136 West Cordova

All we need say is that The Charles boasts the winning combination of a weekend 2-for-1 brunch deal and all day sports coverage. The low lit, wooden clad pub-style bar with its cozy booths is the perfect place to hide away for a lazy day. There’s a tasty selection of healthy and veggie options on the menu too.

Bon’s Off Broadway, 2451 Nanaimo Street

bons_webIf you’re looking for somewhere that reflects how dirty you feel – and where you can get a Full English with the spare change that’s left in your pocket – then head to Bon’s. Unsurprisingly, there’s a line to get in on weekend mornings for the legendary $2.50 breakfasts, which include bacon, sausages, eggs, toast and hash browns. The crowd is really mixed and the grimy, graffitied, budget feel is oddly endearing.

Or if you want to grab a bite and go straight back to bed…

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Yolks Breakfast Food Cart Dunsmuir and Beatty

Messy, delicious and wholesome with free range eggs on everything, this takeout cart beats a slimy breakfast McMuffin any day. Normally found on Dunsmuir and Beatty, but often goes walkabout, so check where they’re serving up on the day via their Twitter.

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