Berlin Breakfast Restaurants: 10Best Restaurant Reviews

June 15, 2024 – 04:41 am

When in Berlin, there are plenty of reasons to get out bed: cool sights, eye-opening museums, fashion-forward shopping...and breakfast. Germans take their breakfast seriously. None of this stale bread with a dollop of jam nonsense. Nope, at cafes like Anna Blume or Tomasa morning meals are epic spreads of cheeses, ham, salami and deli-style meats, perhaps some smoked salmon and eggs (usually boiled), homemade salads, fresh fruit, plus all the sweet stuff.

But the star of the show is really the bread. Even carbophobes will be tempted by the mind-boggling variety of freshly baked loaves, rolls and pastries. Crusty or soft; based on rye, sourdough or wheat; with or without grains or seeds; white, black, grey or brown - 600 different types in all (says Wikipedia). In case you wish to confirm this, just ask the folks at Alpenstueck Baeckerei, one of Germany's best bakeries.

Of course, in case cold meat in the morning isn't your thing, there's no shortage of breakfast favorites from all over the world in cosmopolitan Berlin, like huevos rancheros at hip Cabslam in Neukoelln or the protein-loaded Irish breakfast bonanza at Cafe Hilde in Prenzlauer Berg. Those with a sweet tooth will be in heaven at Zimt & Zucker, which makes delectable crepes and waffles with all sorts of gooey toppings.

It's no small feat to be voted one of Germany's best bakeries in a country famous for its mindboggling variety of delicious breads, pastries and rolls. While most of us are still catching up on our beauty sleep, Alpenstueck's breadmeisters are busy at work churning out a mouthwatering assortment from scratch, completely eschewing preservatives or flavor enhancers. You can buy the result in the boutique-style bakery or grab a table in the attached cafe for an eye-opening breakfast served amid rustic, country-style decor. Insiders go for the 'Alpenstueck Fruehstuck III', a huge pile of cheeses, ham and salami served with creamy herb-infused quark (kind of a lighter cream cheese) and fresh fruit. It's beautifully presented on a wooden board and easily feeds two. A nod to the owner's southern German origins is the 'Bavarian Fruehstueck' a chewy pretzel served straight from the oven with nothing but a drizzle of melted butter. (030-2175 1645)

Tiergarten Park is Berlin's equivalent to New York's Central Park: a vast leafy oasis in the heart of the city, teeming with mature trees, a web of walkways and spacious lawns. It's also home to this beloved cafe-restaurant-beer garden combo which also happens to serve a stellar breakfast until a hangover-friendly 4pm. Budget a couple of hours to linger over their popular 'tier for two' - a delicious decadent bonanza of cheese, hams, muesli, yogurt, boiled eggs and homemade jams all appetizingly arranged on a three-level tray and served with a basket of freshly baked bread. If you're not quite as hungry, you can also pick and choose from the a la carte menu, which includes such tasty temptations as house-smoked salmon and organic mozzarella. (030-2544 9300)


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