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Try Crazy Dave's is a small well known restaurant in Pattaya. Situated on Soi Chaiyapoon just off Soi Bukhao and only about 50 metres on the left side before you get to Soi Diana. Buakhao is one soi back from 2nd road and has interesting eating place and bars guesthouses etc. It the Soi before you get to Soi Diana and if coming down from Central Pattaya Rd on Buakhao its on your left about 20 metres from Buakhao. The service is good and quick with big mug of coffee and its one of the best breakfasts value for money in Pattaya. In fact we think its No1

The Standard SMALL breakfast comes two slices of toast with butter and marmalade with 1 fried bread, 2 fried eggs, 2 slices of bacon, 1 sausage, half a tomato and some baked beans.Choice of either a large mug of tea (or choice of coffee) for only 75 baht. Again worth trying valuye for your money.

The Standard BIG breakfast comes 2 slices of toast with butter and marmalade with 1 slice of fried bread, 2 fried eggs or scrambled, 2 slices of nice bacon ( no fat), mushrooms, 3 UK sausages (medium size), fried tomato, black pudding and some baked beans. You choose a large mug of tea or coffee for only 110 baht.

Othe items on the menu are: Homemade pie, chips, gravy, beans =160 baht; Omelette & chips 70-90 baht; Shephards Pie, peas and gravy = 100 baht; Egg, bacon, sausage burger and chips =130 baht; Apple crumble, ice cream & custard =65baht; Beefburger, beans chips = 90 baht & beers small bottle for 40 baht (off season) which is good value for money. FREE mags to read and Uk video TV but check it out yourself.


On the same side as Crazy Daves about 20 metres down the road the Seaside Restaurant is also popular with foreigners. Breakfast two slices of toast (Thai) with butter and marmalade. 1 glass of orange juice (not fresh), 2 fried eggs or scambled, 3 slices of bacon, 1 sausage, a whole tomato and some fried potatoes. Your choice of a cup of tea (or choice of coffee). The coffee is Thai style thick like soup. Total 80 baht. Not nearly as good as Crazy Dave's but another choice for the price.

Other foods on the menu: Pies Beef/Onion; Chicken mushroom; Steak & Kidney with Baked Beans & either fries or mashed potatoes for 90 baht. Sprite, coke = 20baht water 10baht, Apple pie and custard 55baht or ice cream same price.

Also 2 doors down from Crazy Daves is the CANTERBURY TALES CAFE also worth a try for breakfast as its owned by Dave an Aus expat. Full English Breakfasts in Pattaya at 90 baht includes 2 eggs, 2 bacon, sausage, beans, tomato, 1 large toast & marmalade, Tea/Coffee and orange juice, as well as our extensive main meals menu, such as fish & chips, pie & mash, etc. Canterbury Tales Cafe also have a bookshop & sell new and rents used books - - -so in Soi Chaiyaphoon off Buakaew Rd - theres a few breakfast places to choose from in Pattaya. They also have a BIG ENGLISH SYLE BREAKFAST 2 eggs, 2 bacon, beans, black pudding.tomates toast and coffe or tea and OJ for 120 baht. Other items on the menu cheese & eggs on toast for 85baht, firend eggs ham and bread for 85baht but check them out as very popular also with the expats and one can meet some great blokes here and check out the dos and don't dos in Pattaya.

Canterbury Tales just 2 doors down from Crazy Daves breakfast is OK.

FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST at the Canterbury Tales Cafe @ 90 baht

All of the above and quick service and very popular with the expats and newcomers but worth checking out. REMEMBER: if you have a cafe or eating place in Pattaya drop us a line?


216/1 PATTAYA 2nd ROAD, PATTAYA CITY 20260, THAILAND TEL : (66-38) 429233, 428281-2 FAX : (66-38) 421184
2nd Rd 109 rooms in total @ 599 baht. Has all you can eat buffet breakfast in Pattaya for 150 baht . This is the best value BUFFET in Pattaya with loads of dishes. Across the road there are even more selective places to have buffets like the . It is safe & on 2nd road near bars & beach and one of the most popular Hotels in Pattaya for the tourists. Great meals and breakfast all you can eat includes fruit, dessert and selection of eggs, fried, poached, scrambled/ bacon, sausages, ham etc although if you want your food hot then its not here?.

150 baht for buffet breakfast. Many dishes choice of coffee, tea, orange, milk, pineapple & water, salad bar, fruit bar, breafast cornies/fruit, cakes and Thai plus European dishes. Fried, poached, scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, ham, different breads make this buffet the best in Pattaya and the cheapest Thai/foreign food in all Thailand but because they start early the food is not hot??. Apex Hotel is central and ideal and cheap to stay in the middle of Pattaya. 550baht per night -July 2012

Buffet in the Apex but try it theres a lot to choose from


>(78 rooms : rates THB 750 - 1800) 248/5 M. 10 Soi 13 Pattaya 2nd Road Nongprue Banglamung Chonburi. Tel: +50-2 also have 110 baht breakfast all you can eat right across the road from the Apex Hotel on second road. They serve all kinds of food from Traditional Thai food to the Western Food like sausages (thai) bacon, scambled and fried eggs, fries etc, to suit all needs. Breakfast all you can eat -150 baht Starts from 7:00 am

Buffet breakfast as much as you can eat.

The Apex Hotel just too much food to write about 150baht for breakfast with free coffe or tea, orange/pineapple juice or milk all for 150 baht. So much food to choose from at the Apex Hotel Pattaya includes spaghetti, meats etc


Diana Dragon GH had an excellent cheap buffet breakfast for 109 baht and the cheapest in town. Also they make the scrambled eggs or friend eggs on the spot so nice and hot.

Try the superstores like Carrefoure or Villa Market in the Central Pattaya complex on 2nd road or the new Central builing supermarket downstairs. Great value food and always fresh.Most of the superstores like Tesco have food courts and these are very popular with the expats who are living in Pattaya and tourists. Inexpensive and normally you can see the food being prepared and or cooked.

Nanda's Jomtien soi 7 and 8 right on the beach road.Good coffee. Breakfast with croissants, Italian bread and eggs & even white and dark bread that they get from a Danish baker

Baggiepoo, Chalermprakhit 13, Soi Bua khao end, just past R Con on the right, place called The Cafe, all top quality, cooked well and very clean not expensive, plus a huge mug of tetley tea.English and Thai food.For huge portions try the Elephant Bar, its up by that Cabbages and condoms


Meals on Wheels Food delivery service in Pattaya delivered to your door and choose from many restaurants in Pattaya from Subway, Gourmet Pizza, Vientianne Restaurant, Indian food, Wines to Shenanigans etc. No service charge, FREE delivery and check on or call them on


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  • avatar what do you have for breakfast, full english, cereal, or just toast and jam or marmalade,? | Yahoo Answers
    • sausage , bacon,fried egg,beans,fried potatoes, black pudd,mushrooms,fried bread, tomato, with HP sauce and a round of bread and butter .
      On a Saturday morning .
      On a week day , I prefer double that lol

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