A Fine English Breakfast

October 12, 2022 – 07:19 am

Here at Astley Clarke, we do not get our morning kick from tea or coffee but rather from exquisite gemstone jewellery. It was for that very reason, that we hosted an exclusive press breakfast at one of our favourite London haunts, The Arts Club.

For those less inclined towards enthusiasm in the mornings, we buoyed them with tea & coffee as well as mini bacon butties and savory scones. A fine English breakfast of sorts.

With exclusive previews of our latest collections and a plethora of perfect gemstones, there was an atmosphere of delight. From Vogue to Stella, all of our favourite fashion press and bloggers were in attendance. In our humble opinion, there is no finer way to start the morning than with jewellery.

The Astley Clarke Press Breakfast At The Arts Club

Tea And Coffee At The Ready

A Life In Rose Gold

Our Creative Director, Lorna Watson, Talks About The Collections

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