Filming Locations of Chicago and Los Angeles

May 30, 2022 – 01:22 pm

Thank You To Actor John Kapalos Or "Carl The Janitor" From The Movie Also Confirming This To Be The Right Location For The Football Field.

We All Knew He Was The Eyes And Ears Of That Institution.

  • (0:03) Shermer High School / Maine North High School; 9511 Harrison Street, Des Plaines (Note: This Is Now An Illinois State Police Post)
  • (1:34) John Bender Walking Across The Football Field After Getting Claire's Earring / Maine North High School; 9511 Harrison Street, Des Plaines (Note: The View Is Looking West And A Little Northwest. The Field Was On The East Side Of The School, As Confirmed By An Old Aerial Map Shown At The Bottom Of This Page)

    Check Out The Reasons Why I Am Confident The Football Field Was Located At Maine North. I Have Added Three Images Taken From The Bing Website To Help Explain What Is Seen In The Background.

    The Purple And Red Arrows Identify Two Parts Of The East Side Of The Maine North Building, With The Purple One Showing What Looks To Be A Door. The Yellow Arrow Identifies Horizontal Openings On The Same Building. These Openings, On The Back Of The Northern Section Of The Building, Come Across As Darkened Windows In The Movie. In The First Bing Image, The Camera Is Facing West. In The Second And Third Bing Images, The Camera Is Facing North. The Yellow Rectangle In The Final Bing Image Shows Approximately Where The Football Field Was. The Blue Arrow Shows Where The Trees Are In The Background.

    I Have Also Included An Old Aerial View Of The Property And A 1976 Maine North High School Yearbook Photo Of The Football Team. The Yearbook Photo, Which Shows The Bleachers And Press Box Seen In The Film, Was Provided By The Des Plaines Public Library.


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