5 Orlando Restaurants Serving up Food & Fun

September 8, 2022 – 09:44 am

Ceviche BarIn search of an Orlando restaurant that combines great food and fun? From I-Drive to Winter Park and every neighborhood in-between, Orlando offers a wide array of dinner venues that not only offers memorable meals but also make for a fun night out on the town.

This unique Spanish Tapas Restaurant in downtown Orlando features cathedral ceilings, live entertainment and made-from-scratch red and white Sangria. Ceviche imports many of its ingredients directly from Northern Spain and Catalonia to maintain the authenticity of its menu. The owners have designed a Spanish wine list that pairs perfectly with selected menu items. Stop in for Tapas Tuesday featuring tapas dishes for .

Dexter's PlatingEnjoy a delightful night at one of Orlando's trendiest neighborhoods with Dexter's of Thornton Park. The quaint neighborhood atmosphere and tasty dishes will make anyone a repeat customer. This local eatery's menu features favorite American cuisine served with a unique twist. On Sundays diners will find a unique brunch featuring favorites like stuffed French toast and steak breakfast-burritos alongside flavored mimosas. Every Tuesday is $1 Burger Night and Happy Hour specials include $10-off bottles of wine.

Get a taste of coastal Maine flavors right here in Orlando at the Shipyard Emporium. More than just a restaurant, the Shipyard Emporium houses a bakery and brewery inside. Head Brewer Ron Raike is a two-time Southeast Homebrewer of the Year and has been awarded many National Homebrew Competition medals. Pick his brain on all things beer during the brewery tour offered to guests. Be sure to try the house favorites - the pot roast sandwich and lobster bisque.

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Source: www.visitorlando.com

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