English Breakfast Reviews

May 12, 2022 – 09:31 am
A loose-leaf English Breakfast black teaEnglish Breakfast is a style of breakfast black tea known for being robust and strong, such that it often goes well with milk and a large, hearty breakfast, although it tends to be less strong than Irish Breakfast.

English Breakfast typically combines black teas from different regions, and there is no formula defining which varieties of tea are used in it. Commonly Assam and Ceylon black teas are used, although Chinese black teas such as Keemun or Yunnan are sometimes used, as well as teas from Africa or Indonesia. A few English Breakfast teas are single-origin.

This style is defined more by its flavor and character than by the particular origin or production method of the tea. In England, this style of tea is the default style of tea and is usually what is referenced when people refer to "tea" without any other qualifiers.

There is great variety among English Breakfast teas. Some brands of tea clearly identify which varities are used in their English Breakfast blend, whereas others do not. RateTea classifies any tea as English Breakfast which is labeled or marketed as such, even if it could also be classified as another style of tea, such as Keemun or Assam.

Best English Breakfast

The notion of the "best" English Breakfast is subjective, because different people have different tastes. We present the most often-rated and highest-rated teas in this category, and allow you to draw your own conclusions.

Source: ratetea.com

Twinings Twinings English Breakfast Tea, Tea Bags, 50-Count Boxes (50 Tea Bags)
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  • A rich & satisfying robust tea, traditionally blended with Kenyan & Assam black teas.
  • Medium Flavour Strength

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