Healthy Zone Diet Meal Ideas | Lunch Recipes

September 9, 2022 – 07:42 am

Apple-Walnut Pasta with Chicken SausageYou can experiment with different types of chicken sausage to add a bit of variety the next time. There are a number of excellent flavors available — including jalapeno if you like a little spice. Visit our Zone Pasta section to order Zone PastaRx Fusilli.

Experiment with amounts of oatmeal and applesauce until you get the right consistency.

Strawberries lend some sweetness to this classic salad.

The flavors you’d expect from a take out meal are all here in a healthy Zone dish that’s easy to make at home. You’ll only need a little fish sauce, but it’s good to have on hand for other dishes. Visit our Zone Pasta section to order Zone PastaRx Orzo.


A nice lunch to serve when you have friends in.

This is a great dish to make a big batch and bring to a cookout. You’ll just have to let your friends know that there is plenty of protein already in the salad and it’s OK to skip the burger. Visit our Zone Pasta section to order Zone PastaRx Orzo.

This is also a good recipe for breakfast.

Finally, a Zone-friendly BBQ sauce

Salad has a touch of Mexico.

Mandarin oranges add sweetness.

Also makes a great dinner.

Frozen broccoli is put to good use in this great-tasting meal. This is an easy “pantry meal” to make with ingredients you have on hand in the pantry or the freezer. Visit our Zone Pasta section to order Zone PastaRx Orzo.

Fabulous meal for lunch or dinner, eaten hot or cold.

Don’t let the prep time put you off. The sensuous flavors and textures will more than make up for your investment! If you’re pressed for time, start with chicken you’ve baked, broiled, or grilled in advance. The meat will taste just as good served cold as warm.

arlecchino-salad asian-cabbage-orzo-salad asparagus-frittata-with-fruit Zone Orzo Pasta Salad

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