April 10, 2023 – 06:32 pm
Full English Breakfast for Two!After we recovered from our post-Thanksgiving food coma, Warren and I went thrifting, mostly in an effort to find him a hideous Christmas sweater for him to wear at work. Of course, everything was picked over, save for a lone kid’s sweater with dancing reindeer.

While we failed in the sweater department, I totally scored in the kitchen props arena–those salt and pepper shakers speckled with glam gold are my favorite find probably ever.Full English Breakfast Skillet But the gold-rimmed mugs and pewter plates weren’t too shabby either.

I never thought I would be that person who buys a plate because it will look good in a photograph but here I am. Might as well embrace it! Especially if they really do look so good with a Full English Breakfast heaped atop them.

Nothing warms my heart as much as a hot breakfast and this one will not fail you, not ever. Because fried eggs with runny yolks are involved. And so many English Scones with Cheddar!Last week I showed you those scones in all their beauty, but here is truly the best way to eat them: in breakfast sandwich form. Yep, top those babies with that fried runny egg and Canadian bacon and you have a true feast in front of you.
Full English Breakfast for Two! Breakfast Pizza with Turkey Sausage and Eggs Hash Brown Crust Quiche with Goat Cheese Pumpkin Belgian Waffles

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