Friday morning breakfast in Dubai, like how Bombayites do

September 2, 2023 – 12:33 am

wpid-img_20141226_121411_wm.jpgNow that we all know weekend breakfast hold a very special place in our hearts – lazying around in pajamas or taking a quick stroll to the parks/markets or (if leisurely possible) calling for food in a bed; let me confess to you that I am in two minds whether to disclose or not about this place that serves succulent Bombay style spicy Kebabs (minced lamb meat balls) and crunchiest Jalebis (a spiraled Indian sweet) in town! Also, since the Dubai’s weekend breakfast scene is flourishing with Egg Benedicts, Pancakes, Scrambles, Waffles, stylish Omelettes etc. available inside the most polished interiors across the city, I am worried a modest eatery like this would be buried under a thick glazed blanket of flauntness.

In case you get hold of a true Bombayite, grip him for a moment and politely ask what he’d eat every Sunday morning in the city he comes from and most often than not, you’ll come across many such people who have lived most of their life in South Mumbai and whose answers will be the same – hot and fresh kebab pav off the make-shift stalls. I wasn’t born in Bombay, but I have lived my adolescent years in the city that has every possibility of converting your dreams into reality and in the due course offer you with some mouth-watering delicacies, the taste of which you are bound to remember all your life. I know that’s the biggest statement I’ve made but trust me it really holds true. One such contribution is of juicy and flavorsome minced meat balls that is sold on the streets of Bohri Mohalla in scintillating Bhendi Bazaar.

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