Contemporary New Mexican Cuisine & Cocktails

September 20, 2022 – 10:52 am

Savor a taste of the Southwest with delectable dining experiences at La Fonda on the Plaza. The historic hotel boasts three unique Santa Fe dining options, including an incredible open air, seasonal bar. Regardless of which variety you choose, our creative New Mexican cuisine features only the freshest ingredients to create the most luscious meal.

Guests seeking an intimate Santa Fe restaurant will find satisfaction at, an elegant restaurant located on the hotel's original patio built in the 1920's. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, La Plazuela is a feast for the senses. Guests can enjoy creative contemporary New Mexican food as skylights flood the restaurant with natural light. Relax in this light-filled setting surrounded by hand-painted windows and the sounds of the soothing fountain. Next enter Lounge, where casual dining options and a daily buffet feature classic New Mexican cuisine that is perfectly complemented by our signature margaritas. The lounge is also your destination for the best entertainment in Santa Fe, featuring live music six to seven nights a week. Should you wish to sip a cocktail and simply enjoy the crisp evening air, the seasonal is Santa Fe's best kept secret. The open air bar sits atop the La Fonda, offering light fare and an incredible vantage point for taking in the breathtaking glow of a Santa Fe sunset.

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  • avatar Why was La Fonda, a Harvey House in Santa Fe, significant?
    • La Fonda was the Harvey Hotel at the end of the Santa Fe railroad line. It provided a high quality food and service. Harvey's meals were served in sumptuous portions that provided a good value for the traveling public; for instance, pies were cut into fourths, rather than sixths, which was the industry standard at the time.

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