Santa Fe Breakfast Nook Set SU-0230DCs

September 16, 2022 – 11:53 am

Product Description

Contemporary, Dark Chocolate breakfast nook set.


  • Bench/Long and Corner Top - SU-0230DC-BL
  • Bench/Short and Corner Seat -SU-0230DC-BS
  • Dining Table - SU-0230DC-T
  • Side Bench - SU-0230DC-SB


  • Corner Bench - 66" x 52-1/2"
  • Dining Table - 50"L x 34"D x 30"H
  • Side Bench - 46"L x 15"W x 18"H


  • Natural slates.

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Dining Table - SU-0230DC-TRegular price: 9.50

Sale price: 2.50

Regular price: 8.00

Sale price: 0.00

Manufacturer Details

Founded in 1980, Sunny Designs, Inc. has pursued diligently to provide our customers the very best value without compromising exceptional quality and service. Continuous efforts to develop new products, to create more value, and to meet customer needs, make Sunny Designs a leading Manufacturer/Distributor in the home furnishing industry.

We provide high quality products in dining, home entertainment, home office, bars and barstools, and accessories direct from our own factory in China. Our warehouse in China also provides quick ship & mixed direct container programs.

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Sunny Designs Sunny Designs 2333DC-SQ Santa Fe Storage Bed with Slate, Queen
Home (Sunny Designs)
  • Bedroom Furniture Sets
  • Natural Slate
  • Deep storage drawers in footboard for bulky storage
  • Full extension ball bearing drawer glides
  • avatar What is the price of a breakfast nook set?
    • The price of a breakfast nook set averages about $200.00 USD all the way up to $1,300.00 USD for a fancy set. Breakfast nook sets can be purchased at Sears.

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