Wild Honey Mandarin Gallery Singapore

September 18, 2023 – 01:13 am

Wild Honey BreakfastIt is without a doubt that I enjoy breakfast and brunch. I have my reasons for taking so long to blog about the brunch at Wild Honey Mandarin Gallery. There was a hype when the breakfast restaurant first opened, and I wanted to wait a while for them to sort out the teething problems before I check out their all day breakfast menu.

The other reason is something more personal. All of us have dreams and I am not embarrassed to say that I had the idea of opening an all day brunch restaurant, before Hatched and Wild Honey existed. Naturally, I felt gutted when both of them entered the Singapore food scene.Tunisian Breakfast But that’s besides the point, I’m actually happy to see the breakfast trend picking up in Singapore and I strongly feel that there should be more breakfast places opening up to give us more options.


I almost shouted that when the waitress brought the English Breakfast ($22) to our table. I wanted everyone to evacuate the restaurant so that I could have the whole plate to myself. You may snigger, you may sneer but take a look at the photo of Wild Honey’s English Breakfast above.

This, my dear, is the dream breakfast. ?Mediterranean Sandwich Even though I have been saying this quite regularly of late, I’d marry anyone who make this breakfast for me.

With a glass of icy cold milk, or a cup of warm and aromatic coffee, the English Breakfast can really make me believe in Walt Disney for once — happy endings do exist.

It burns. It burns so good. Physical pain never feel so good – it makes me feel alive.

Stewed to a color of vibrant red, the Tunisian breakfast ($18) was an excellent choice. I didn’t take caution to the scalding-hot tomato stew at all. All I saw was two delicious fried eggs crowned on top of the red, and peppery tomato stew that was accompanied by sliced chorizo sausage.

Source: www.ladyironchef.com

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