Alan and Jo asked for your help in putting together the ultimate band

April 23, 2016 – 04:40 pm
Breakfast Show All Star Band


Has their ever been a greater showman in music history than Freddie? You only need to look at how he had Wembley in the palm of his hand at Live Aid. Freddie came top of our vote to find a lead singer ahead of Marc Bolan and David Bowie.


One of the toughest votes of the week. But coming out ahead of Keith Richards and Jimi Hendrix was Carlos Santana - one of the coolest cats in the history of music. Some may argue - not just any old guitarist...


Ok, we think this vote might not have been solely on musical ability. ;-) But every band needs to be easy on the eye. The girls vote help propel the Spandau Ballet man to the number one position just in front of Cream's Jack Bruce and Mark King of Level 42.


It was Ian from Aberdeen who first put forward the man from 'Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem'. And it seemed you agreed! Who else could get so frantic behind a kit that he sets himself on fire? (We've got health and safety on standby just in case...)


Every band needs a poster boy or girl. And we felt some female presence was required in our lineup. So step forward - Cher! Top of our pinup vote. Though we're worried that we can now only play big venues as she and Freddie will be fighting over the stage! We'll also need plenty of dressing room space for the outfits. But with this lineup, we reckon we'd be selling out the biggest arenas around the world!


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