Best Restaurants in Santa Teresa Costa Rica

August 15, 2022 – 07:40 am

zula-restaurantAlma is another one of the lesser-known restaurants in town but it is fantastic. It is a Asian-fusion restaurant that has yummy sushi appetizers, great Peruvian ceviche and a nice assortment of Asian-inspired main dishes. Sarah loved their Thai Coconut Curry Ahi Tuna while Sarah’s dad loved their Chilean steaks. Alma definitely makes my list of Best Restaurants in Santa Teresa Costa Rica.

Soda Tiquicia

This is by far the best local restaurant in town. I always recommend it to our guests at the Blue Surf Sanctuary Hotel because it is the best restaurant in town if you are looking for the most bang for your buck. Their plates are huge and you definitely will not leave hungry.Chicken Joes Perhaps their most popular dishes are their casado dishes while their rice dishes, their burritos and their famous fish soup are also very popular. Soda Tiquicia is a Blue Surf favorite so it has to make my list of the Best Restaurants in Santa Teresa Costa Rica.

Zula Restaurant

If you are looking for something a little different for dinner and you would like to try some of the Isreali flavour that we have in town, try Zula Restaurant. Always busy, their food is great and rich in exotic flavours. Try their classic Isreali dish called “Shakshuka” and don’t forget to order a smoothie. They claim to serve the best smoothies in town and they certainly are pretty damn good.Olam Asian Salad The smoothies along would put them on the list of Best Restaurants in Santa Teresa Costa Rica.

Chicken Joe’s

This is a classic chicken rotisserie restaurant that is good. The chicken is very tasty and surprisingly enough, they also have great fish tacos.Pronto Italian The owner Bill is very friendly and I recommend their family specials if you are looking for a great deal. I love fish tacos so Chicken Joe’s makes the list of Best Restaurants in Santa Teresa Costa Rica.


I’ve never actually been to Olam but I have to write about it here because I have heard so many glowing reviews about it from our vegetarian guests that frequent the Blue Surf Sanctuary Hotel in Santa Teresa. Only open for breakfast and lunch, they serve up excellent vegetarian delights. I am not a vegetarian, but I will trust our friends that it should make the list of Best Restaurants.

Pronto Italian Street Food

This is a new restaurant in Santa Teresa this year and it is a welcome addition. When you walk in, you are overwhelmed by the lovely Italian smells wafting up your nose. It isn’t as cheap as it may seem but it is a great casual restaurant for a family lunch.

seafood-brisas-del-mar Restaurante Alma

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