Seneca Park Zoo

August 24, 2022 – 09:59 am

Come experience the magic of the holiday season at Breakfast with Santa. You and your family are welcome to enjoy a magical “sleigh” ride to the Rocky Coasts Gallery where your children can meet Santa and enjoy breakfast.

The flexibility of no assigned seating allows you and your family to eat and visit with jolly old St. Nick in a way that works best for you during your scheduled seating time. After breakfast, take a stroll along the scenic pathways towards the Elf’s Workshop, located inside Eagle’s Landing Pavilion. Here, enjoy crafts, up-close animal encounters, hot beverages and snacks. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Members can purchase their tickets now!

Since seating is limited, this is an opportunity for our members to reserve their space before we open seating to the general public.

General sales begin November 1 when we open sales to non-members.

Tickets will be sold until seating capacity is reached for each time slot.

COST: $17.50 (ages 12 and up), $12.50 (ages 3 to 11), $5 (ages 2 and younger). All sales are final and non-refundable.

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