Top 5 Los Angeles Breakfast Restaurants, According to the Locals

August 25, 2022 – 12:35 pm

los angeles breakfastEvery city has its highest-rated restaurants, arranged in every category according to things like atmosphere, creativity and “panache, ” whatever that is. But unless you’re part of the jet-set crowd, none of that really matters when it’s Saturday morning (or afternoon) and you’re waking up with a screaming, aching void in the pit of your stomach. You want breakfast. No frills, no linen tablecloths, no white-gloved servers. Just eggs, pancakes, fried potatoes, bacon, something with avocado, or maybe some kind of burrito creation. And you want it with ketchup and maple syrup.

Well, hungry friend, you have a lot of great options open to you. Here are the top 5 breakfast places in the Hollywood area, as judged by actual locals, not fancy-pants guides — rated not by stuffed-shirt artsy types, but by people who dig eggs and other yummy stuff. Eat up.

911 Seward St
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 461-3663

For the chill, laid-back, down-home style breakfaster, Grub offers a fun, creative menu of breakfast dishes whose names are almost as flavorful as the food itself. Take the Friggin’ Amazin’ French Toast, a fruity breakfast of cinnamon-vanilla toast, raspberry butter and maple syrup, plopped next to a pile of actual fruit. Or the Are You Yolkin’? Egg Sandwich, a buttery egg-cheese-bacon creation on a croissant with dill butter. All amazing in an Uncle-Billy’s-house kind of way, and not aggressive on the prices. Located away from the Hollywood crowds just south of Santa Monica and Seward, its violet-lined outdoor patio tends to attract huge carpenter bees, so keep a steady eye.

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  • avatar where is a fun place to eat in Las Vegas? | Yahoo Answers
    • Depends on what you like there are lots of clever theme type places and some really top shelf places as well - try Quarks Bar in the Hilton off the strip if you want a costumed experience where you eat "futuristic foods' drink really strange drinks (like the smoking Warp Core Breach) and can have a photo taken with a Klingon, a Borg, a Ferengi and a Vulcan at different times during the meal, plus the people who eat there are pretty fun too. Then there is the Nascar restaurant in the Aladdin - really cool Nascar memorabilia and good burgers. There is the Napoleon Bar at the Paris it open…

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