2015 Breakfast of Corporate Champions and Symposium

May 26, 2014 – 01:00 pm
President of the Forum and The Leadership in the Nation's Interest Award

Gregg Sherrill

At CED's Fall Policy Conference, Gregg Sherrill, Chairman and CEO of Tenneco Inc., will be presented with the 2015 Leadership in the Nation's Interest Award. The Leadership in the Nation’s Interest Award recognizes a corporate executive who leads his or her company with integrity and purpose, and champions policies for the common good. Gregg is most deserving of this award, as he has demonstrated principled leadership at the helm of Tenneco, and has been a long-time advocate of sound fiscal policies that address the nation’s escalating debt and generate robust economic growth.

Introduced by Nicholas Pinchuk

Nicholas T. Pinchuk, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Snap-on Incorporated, will introduce Gregg Sherrill. Pinchuk was named President and Chief Operating Officer in April 2007, when he was also appointed to Snap-on’s board. He was elected as Chief Executive Officer in December 2007 and subsequently Chairman in April 2009. He joined Snap-on in 2002 as Senior Vice President and President of Snap-on’s Worldwide Commercial and Industrial Group.

Source: www.ced.org

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