Breakfast of Champions

May 16, 2013 – 08:27 am

Claudia_BOCEach year, the Central Texas Afterschool Network celebrates the people and organizations making impacts in the Out of School Time Community through guest speakers, presentations, and an awards ceremony. This event is an opportunity to highlight the meaningful work that Out-of-School Time staff and providers play in developing future-ready children and youth. At Breakfast of Champions, we celebrate and narrate the many stories from leaders in Out-of-School Time in an effort to advocate for better quality outcomes for children, youth, and their families.

2015 Breakfast of Champions

One Cause, Many Leaders
Coming Together for Austin Youth

Thank you to everyone who joined CTAN for the 12th Annual Breakfast of Champions as we recognized the people and organization making meaningful impacts for children and youth in Central Texas.

Importantly, the 2015 event occurred at a critical time in our community as we cultivate an ecosystem of Out-of-School Time in order to serve Central Texas children, youth, and their families. At Breakfast of Champions, we celebrated all the work that our community has participated in this past year, including Lights on Afterschool, rallying for funding after the loss of 21st Century Funding, the blossoming School’s Out Central Texas initiative, and the continuous, everyday work that our members do for Central Texas children and youth.

We were lucky to have Dennis Vera, the Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year and CTAN Youth Champion tell her story about the impact that afterschool played in her life. And, we were honored to have the Texas Commissioner of Education, Michael Williams, keynote the event. also spoke after receiving the Legacy Leadership Award. Together, all three speakers beautifully expressed the importance for Out-of-School Time and the impacts that we can make for children and youth when we work smarter, not harder.


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