bills 'best breakfast in the world' restaurant opens in Omotesando/Harajuku

September 7, 2022 – 05:26 am
Okay, we admit it


Okay, we admit it, we are seriously thrilled about the restaurant bills opening in central Tokyo. The Australian restaurant based in Sydney is known to serve the “best breakfast in the world”, and apparently their food is so good that celebrities from around the world who visit Sydney have a meal there. So, naturally we had to have one of our reporters check the new restaurant – and our verdict? Their amazing soft scrambled eggs are to die for!

Our reporter had previously been to the bills restaurant in the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Building (known as the Aka Renga Soko in Japanese) and also the one in the shopping and entertainment facility Decks Tokyo Beach in the Odaiba area and had found the food delightful and unforgettable, but both locations had been somewhat far from central Tokyo. As such, our reporter is extremely happy that bills has opened a shop in a more convenient location in the Omotesasndo/Harajuku area, and with many people probably feeling the same way, the restaurant is sure to attract a lot of attention and customers in the coming months.

Bills is actually famous for their ricotta pancakes – a dish hailed by many as worthy of being called the best breakfast in the world. But there is another dish at bills which seems to be just as or even more popular – their heavenly scrambled eggs (priced at 1, 200 yen with bread). Well, they’re called scrambled eggs, but at bills, they only stir the eggs lightly 2 to 3 times while cooking, so the finished eggs are not really “scrambled” but very soft and smooth like an omelette.

Naturally, our reporter wanted to have both the scrambled eggs and the ricotta pancakes, and yes, we did order both incredible dishes, but our report in this post will focus on the scrambled eggs. The standard plate of scrambled eggs at bills comes with bread, but it’s quite a big serving (especially if you want to have the ricotta pancakes as well), so we were very glad when we found out that we could order scrambled eggs without the bread for 200 yen less, and that’s exactly what we did.

Okay, and now for our comments on how the eggs tasted. Actually, even before we tasted the eggs, we were impressed by how they looked. The scrambled eggs were shiny and glowing a soft and gorgeous pale yellow, the fine texture visibly apparent. Just the appearance of the eggs was enough to convince us that the dish showcased the flavor and essence of the eggs to perfection.

We took a bite of the eggs, and they felt incredibly creamy and smooth while still retaining a fresh firmness. In fact, the texture was so unbelievably refined that it nearly brought tears to our eyes.

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