Breakfast Around the World: How Do You Start Your Day?

April 30, 2023 – 07:24 pm

Whether your day begins with a thick stack of syrup-drenched waffles, a plate of hummus and veggies, a bowl of spicy and tangy Choley puri or a steaming mug of coffee, breakfast around the world is personal and unique to each culture and person. It’s a mix of culture, family tradition and one’s taste bud preferences. Travel brings us in touch with the local flavour, including local breakfast traditions. Let’s take a look at some unique breakfasts from around the world.

Congee is a fan favourite in China. Photo courtesy Alpha.Africa

The first meal of the day on this continent varies region to region. North African breakfast can be heavily influenced by Arab tradition, and can consist of cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, hummus, jam and toast and sometimes a hard-boiled egg. Throughout West and East Africa bread is a popular staple at breakfast.Meat slices or sausages and cheese are typical menu items in Germany. Photo courtesy With Associates. In countries with a heavy French influence, beignets and pastries are usually offered as well as omelettes, while more rural areas of Africa will find porridge or gruel made of millet, rice or corn on the menu, in addition to fresh fruit. In Kenya and Tanzania, common breakfast dishes include mandazi (a deep-fried mix of wheat flour, sugar and egg), beef samosas, chapati (a thin pancake made from wheat flour), hard-boiled eggs and tea. Ugandans enjoy roasted bananas with grilled beef for breakfast.Appam are often filled with honey or a coconut cream. Photo courtesy Connie M. Thin pancakes or homemade bread with jam and tea or coffee are common staples in Rwanda, Ethiopia and Somalia. South Africa — due to the colonial influence — enjoys French- and English-style breakfasts with eggs, croissants and bacon.


You'll find a spread of dishes such as labneh cheese on Lebanese tables in the morning. Photo courtesy Alpha.Asian breakfast foods vary greatly across regions, but often feature rice, noodles or soup dishes and are based on what foods can be grown in that area. Vietnam is known for its pho soup for breakfast, French bread with butter or jam, and even sticky rice dishes. Mango and dragon fruit are also often served. Chinese breakfast is also heavily influenced by local agriculture. In northern China, wheat is common, so a bowl of hot wheat noodles is a regular breakfast item along with beef wrap rolls, tofu, rice rolls and bean fritters. In southern China rice is a primary food and is a staple at all meals, including breakfast. But it’s a dish called congee (a rice porridge with the consistency of a thick soup) that those who live in this area in China love to dig into.


  • avatar What are the breads from around the world?
    • usa- white and wheat
      Canada- Canadian gretya bread.
      south America- seret bread rolls
      Asian bread- Asian bread. ( 9 PIECES OF CHEESE AND APPLE TOGETHER)
      Europe- hua rolling bread
      Australia- trey bread (mellisa bread, White meat bread rolls)

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