City Club to talk Water and Drought on

September 26, 2023 – 01:39 am
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June 23rd and September 15th at Detroit Lake

— Brent Drinkut (@BrentDrinkut) Tomorrow, Friday the 25th, the Salem City Club's talk is "Confronting Drought and Water Scarcity in Oregon."

It'll probably be more about water management and less about the antecedent causes and exacerbating factors of climate change, but it's still important. As we built out places like the Mill Creek Industrial Park with promises of copious, and cheap water, maybe we need to rethink priorities.

Did you know Salem has the largest state-certified industrial land on I-5 between Sacramento and Seattle? — Salem Planning (@Salem_Planning) This is a link to an Oregon Business story about the Mill Creek industrial park. From the piece:
Assets include more than land.
“One reason food processors are interested is that we have an abundant quantity of water, ” Arthur says. “Mill Creek can supply more than 1 million gallons per day, and that can expand.” Are we sure Mill Creek can supply this in addition to supplying drinking water for Salem? There look to be strong reasons to doubt this.

We will also need to think about how we subsidize and depress markets.

William Nordhaus: The pope overlooks how market-based solutions such as cap-and-trade can help slow climate change — NY Review of Books (@nybooks) In a response to the Pope's encyclical, Laudato Si', William Nordhaus writes:


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