The movies of Michael J Fox by star rating

May 10, 2024 – 03:59 am

Last Saturday morning I was sitting down in my PJs about to eat breakfast and have a bit of a lazy morning, when I realised Saturday Kitchen was off for the summer holidays. Without my weekly fix of Masterchef and Two Fat Ladies I was feeling lost, until I saw that Sky Movies was showing DOG readers will know I am slightly obsessed with that movie so I parked myself down and watched it. What followed, however, was another 80s gem that I hadn't seen in years, Teen Wolf. After it finished I was left thinking about the great films Michel J. Fox had been in and I came up with this...

Fox's first big screen role and one that would go down in Hollywood history. A crazy professor + time travelling car = hilarity as Fox's Marty McFly is transported back to the 1950s where he meets up with his teenage mother and father. With his entire existence on the line he must ensure that they end up together while trying to find a way back home. With fabulous support from Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown, this movie showed an entire generation how funny and cool sci-fi is, and spawned no less than two sequels.

Teen Wolf (1985)

I literally had forgotten until last weekend how fantastic this movie is. Fox plays Scott Howard, an average high school student who spends his days playing basketball and pining after the high school hottie, Pamela. Scott soon finds out he is far from average when he discovers that he has the ability to turn into a werewolf. This film is great fun, from Scott's shock to finding out his true nature to becoming the most popular guy in school. It is a great feel-good movie that brings out the laughs. There is also a Hollywood feel-good ending that proves being you is far better than being somebody else. Fox stayed away from the sequel Teen Wolf Too but check it out if you want to see a young Jason Bateman wolf out in his place.

The Secret of My Succe$s (1987)

Fresh out of university Fox's Brantley Foster is due to start his first job in New York City. Before he has a chance to start the company goes bust. With no other options he starts working the mailroom at his uncle's offices. When realising what a bad job his uncle is doing, Brantley decides to lead a double life as mailroom worker and executive ‘Carlton Whitfield'. In between, he almost has an affair with his aunt and falls for Supergirl's Helen Slater. Enjoyable enough, it is the anti-Wall Street of big business in the 80s.


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