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Slimming World logoThis blog actually got off the ground on the back of Slimming World recipes. I learnt to cook from the recipes in their magazine and I started spreading my culinary wings by taking recipes and/or flavour combinations from other recipe books and magazines and making my own recipes. On those recipes, I went from this to this.

That having been said, this is not a Slimming World blog. It’s just a blog where the author happens to be on Slimming World. I think up recipes to satisfy my greed, and the Slimming World aspect comes after. If it’s not delicious, I’m not putting it in my mouth.

How to use this blog for Slimming World
If I think a recipe is Slimming World friendly, either because it’s totally Free or uses very few Syns, I have tagged it Slimming World. Browsing the Slimming World tag is the best way to browse my Slimming World-friendly recipes (Click that Slimming World logo on the right. There we go).

Slimming World: Before and AfterI don’t usually put on the recipe whether it’s Slimming World friendly or not, because I really think these recipes are delicious enough to be enjoyed whether you’re on a diet or not and I don’t want to alienate non-SW readers. Plus, if you’re on Slimming World you’ll be a smart cookie and you’ll know the plan fairly well. But below I’ve put a few guidelines for you when reading the recipes and deciding what to make:

  • If there’s cheese, count that as a Healthy Extra A choice.Hunter's Chicken The precise amount of cheese you’re allowed on Slimming World has gone up and down since I started cooking in 2010, so check the book and find out what your allowance is and just use that in the recipe
  • Use Fry Light rather than oil. Always. If you MUST use oil, I will specifically say “You must use oil”
  • If a recipe involves flour, butter, sugar etc…there’ll be Syns. Check the book
  • If the recipe includes anything that’s not fruit, vegetables, meat, starchy veg, eggs, a vinegar, a spice or some kind of low-fat yogurt/cheese…there’ll be Syns. If there would be Syns in it if you ate it normally, there’ll be Syns in it usually

All make sense?

I do not put Syn values on recipes, ever. And if you ask me for it, I won’t tell you. This isn’t me being mean – Syn values change so frequently that if I left a comment saying something was x Syns in 2013 it could change dramatically in 2014. You are lovely, clever people. You can work it out, I promise.

I made this a few years ago and it remains my most popular recipe by FAR. And there’s a reason for that. I experimented for ages before landing on this recipe, and it’s the best Slimming World Hunter’s Chicken I’ve found.

Chorizo and red pepper pasta sauce Mexican Inspired Chicken Stew Jacket potato: Extra special beans


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  • avatar Why is slimming world not working? | Yahoo Answers
    • You are growing hun, I promise all that puppy fat will roll off once you hit your late teens early twenties. The best thing to do is not starve yourself, eat healthily that is fine but dont deny yourself treats, if you want to tone up then excercise is so much better, the more you do the more energy you have and the more confidence it will give you to face up to evil bullies. Size 10-12 is absolutely normal, i'll bet the smaller size girls are flat chested, boys would choose a healthy size 10 to 12 over a scrawny flat chested size 6-8 any day!

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