August 31, 2022 – 05:20 am

guiltless-afternoon-teaThe precise moment that I booked my one-way ticket to England, was the very same moment I began telling whoever would listen that “I’m gonna have English Breakfast Tea, for breakfast, IN ENGLAND!” So you can imagine my gratitude when I was invited by prestigious hotel, InterContinental London Park Lane, to enjoy their very own Guiltless Afternoon Tea.english-tea Okay, so it wasn’t breakfast, but technically with the time difference in Australia it could very well have been!So going for afternoon tea is such a thing in London, there were literally so many restaurants with delicious (and rather expensive) afternoon tea packages, you could see ladies lunching when you passed by the windows looking in and it seems quite fancy, posh and above all, totally indulgent!

I already had my expectations set for high standards from the InterContinental’s reputable brand regardless. I knew I was in for the best. The location of the Wellington Lounge inside InterContinental is placed with large glass windows for a beautiful lookout to the scenic Hyde Park for your viewing pleasure. From the moment I was seated I felt incredibly taken care of. My seat was pushed in for me, my napkin placed on my lap, the menu explained and my choice of tea (as much as I wanted) ordered for me. I was just along for the sweet, relaxing, afternoon ride!

So what is the “Guiltless” Afternoon Tea? Well all of those delicious treats are all sugar-free and can be tailor made to be gluten-free and/or dairy-free. They are also ALL vegetarian too!A 3-plate tray is placed in front of you with an array of hors d’oeuvres are on the bottom – cucumber sandwiches, roast pumpkin canapes and haloumi canapes, then on the top are you’re sweet guilt-free treats, red velvet cake (made with quinoa and cream cheese filling) cacao mouse & spearmint cake and blueberry chiffon & yoghurt cake.

I opted for the traditional Wellington Blend Tea which may have been the greatest tea I have ever had. Words can not even describe. If you are a tea lover this is soooo beyond your traditional English-brekky tea – it was filled with so much flavour and was the warmest hug in a mug I have ever had the pleasure of consuming!

afternoon-tea guiltless-afternoon-tea-intercontinental delicious-food intercontinental-london-park-lane

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