June 23, 2024 – 04:47 am

A traditional English breakfast has long been a British symbol, but many people think that it is oatmeal, and certainly tea. In fact, traditional English breakfast of a true Englishman consists of very high-calorie and delicious foods:

  • fried eggs from two or three eggs, which is usually prepared at your choice: fried eggs, omelettes or poached eggs;
  • two fatty fried sausages - bangers;
  • a few slices of fatty fried bacon with a crispy crust, very fresh and fragrant;
  • two or three stewed pieces of fresh or canned (but never salted or pickled!) tomatoes;
  • some fried champignons;
  • a portion of white beans in a tomato, usually classic beans in Heinz cans.

Politeness is a British symbol too, expressions of gratitude, apology or request are the main words in conversation with each other.

In England, friends are often invited home, but it is indecent to be late or to arrive early.

Traditionally, two schools of shoe art are the best in the world - English and Italian. Both had a mutual influence. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, English shoes have been considered the standard of quality, practicality, elegance. Oxfords, brogues, derby, chelsea became classic all over the world. The British really value their shoes and take good care of them, using only the best shoe dye.

Tea is a real ceremony for the British, therefore, to refuse a cup of tea is to offend the hosts. There is only one small subtlety - usually tea is served with cookies, which you can enjoy, but you should take only one. There will be as many pieces of cookies on the plate as there are people at the table.

And another oddity - the British manically adore dogs. They spend more than 1.7 billion pounds on their food a year, which is twice as much as the sale of coffee and tea on the market.

Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay

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