Breakfast in America: Bacon, eggs, coffee and a gun

December 31, 2023 – 04:42 am

“As a European, this is how I imagine Americans have breakfast”

Patriots gathered, not so much to rail against stereotypes or to flip the script on Europeans, but rather to tackle some of the photo’s inaccuracies.

Crewchief535 said “the eggs should be scrambled. Otherwise, spot on.” Dartpool pointed out that “the coffee looks way too strong; it would be lighter.”

Ohmygodnotagain made what would certainly be a most obvious observation to any red-blooded American: “Barrel should be pointing outwards, but close.”

John_Bastark said the poster “forgot the can of PBR, ” and acidfusion was looking for “the sausage links, hash browns and the biscuits and gravy.”

Skeyz on Imgur asked: “Where’s my pet eagle going to sit?” Another fitting question came from lyzam66: “Is that a free-range gun? I only eat free-range.”

Then, the retorts. From samsiteone: “Don’t hate because your government daddy won’t let you have guns.” And BeardyMike: “You forgot the side of FREEDOM!”

Judging from the comments that tend to surface across MarketWatch, this yummy breakfast will probably be wholly embraced in the comments section.


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