Hundreds share record-breaking breakfast in bed outside hotel in China

October 10, 2022 – 12:57 pm

most-people-eating-breakfast-in-bed-trayFor many people, Sunday morning is a time for relaxing and the perfect excuse to eat breakfast in bed – and that’s exactly what hundreds of guests and employees of S Sheraton Langfang Chaobai River Hotel. in China did last weekend - but in an unconventional Guinness World Records style.

In a successful attempt to become the Most people eating breakfast in bed, the participants got onto one of 113 double beds which were placed in rows outside the hotel.

More than one person was allowed to share a bed, just so long as there was enough room for each person to eat from a tray with both legs on the bed and their back against the headboard.

An incredible 418 people were served a delicious continental breakfast of pastries, muffins, fruits and juice which they enjoyed from the comfort of a cushioned mattress - though they weren't allowed to begin until everyone was in place.

Present at the breakfast was an official Guinness World Records adjudicator who was thrilled to announce that the feasters had broken the previous record of 388 participants, which was achieved by Pudong Shangri-La (also China) in 2014.

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